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Mobile Video Monitoring

See. Anywhere. Really.

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Nubo on 4G.

Nubo lets you to extend yourself to people or things you value. Anywhere THEY are. From wherever YOU are. Nubo is part of your life. It is advanced mobile technology that unties you from any location and lets you reach out to do more.

The World’s First 4G Mobile Monitoring Camera

Freedom From Wi-Fi.

4G Mobile Monitoring. Nubo is different. Much more than home video monitoring - ANYWHERE monitoring! Nubo even functions in remote Wi-Fi-less locations. With a 4G simcard included in every Nubo Cam, and no roaming costs in the whole of Europe.

See Clearly.

HD Video. Nubo delivers up to 1080p HD-quality video from a crystal clear 138º lens so you can see a wide field of view in magnificent detail.

Extend Yourself.

You are here. They are there. Now Nubo lets you extend yourself to be in another place – in real time. Or with PIR-activated alerts and recordings. 4G/3G connectivity gives you true video mobility so you can extend to almost anyplace with mobile coverage. You have more flexibility to make sure the people and things you value are OK.
Wherever they are.

Hear. There. Everywhere.

Two-Way Audio. A voice in the wilderness. Nubo has a built-in speaker and microphone. In the most remote 4G location Nubo lets you hear…there. Even say something to the kids from miles away.

See In The Dark.

Infrared Vision. See creatures of the night. Get motion alerts in total darkness. Nubo infrared technology shows you things that go bump in the night live as it happens or with motion-activated recording.

See Your Stuff. Wherever You Go.

Go ahead. Venture out. Leave Nubo at the hotel to watch your valuables. Let Nubo monitor your photo studio. Nubo even sees the guitars in your van. Nubo variable motion alerts are amazingly smart with video analytics and human detection.

Weather Or Not.

Outdoors and Indoors. Nubo can weather the storm outside and the freezer inside when using the provided cable plug. Nubo cameras are sealed and protected to operate in conditions from -20ºC to +40ºC.

Power To-Go.

External Battery. Nubo is truly remote. It is powered via USB and can connect to AC or an external powerbank (battery not included).

Mind Your Business. Remotely.

Watch your small business. Monitor your mobile business. Check on your home office. Place Nubo cameras anywhere you need to see what’s happening when you’re not there. Nubo even notifies you when motion is detected.

Storage Flexibility.

Cloud or Internal. Nubo gives you flexibility and capacity to store recorded video in the cloud or on an internal Micro SD card. Access video anytime to review and archive activities.

Incredibly Smart.

Advanced Video Analytics. Nubo motion detection recognizes and alerts you when a critter creeps in or a person passes by.

They Are Talking About Us.

Nubo In The Media

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