Nubo + IFTTT

Nubo works with IFTTT. IFTTT stands for: if this, then that. It's an easy to use automation platform that allows you to automate your life. This way you can connect Nubo to a wide selection of devices and platforms that are already part of your connected life.

Think of if I leave the house, then arm my Nubo. Or If it's 8:00 am, then disarm my Nubo. If Nubo detections motion, then log an event in my calendar. If and astronaut enters space, then ... The connections - called Applets - you can make are endless and only bound by your imagination ('Hey Alexa, Arm my Nubo'), below you'll find a set of pre-defined Applets to get your IoT life going. Simply click on the links and connect with your Nubo Account.

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Do Button

Create your own widget to arm or disarm your Nubo Cams. Based on your platform Do Buttons appear on the widget screen in iOS, on your home screen on Android or in the IFTTT app on a smartwatch.

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A feature our users have been asking for: simply set your Nubo to arm or disarm at specific times. For instance arm and disarming your Nubo based on office hours.

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A very welcome feature: using these Applets you can have your Nubos armed and disarmed based on the GPS of your phone.

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Log motion events

Why not use Nubo as the trigger: if Nubo detects motion, then log this in a spreadsheet.

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Want more?

These are just a set of pre-defined Applets by us, via IFTTT you can make your own Applets as well. Made the perfect Applet and like to share? Let us know on Facebook and we'll tell the world!

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